Companies & business entities

Companies or business entities working for us must register within the Otis Induction Management System.

This means registering with the Otis web app, which is managed by Pegasus.

To prepare for this registration process, you’ll need copies and details of the following:

  • insurances such as Workers Compensation and Public Liability
  • Company Trade Licences
  • Safety Management System (SMS) documentation or AS4801 compliance information

You’ll be given a predetermined risk category of either A, B or C  based on the type of work you perform on our sites,

Once registered, you must also register your employees and subcontractor employees that will work on our sites, including their relevant trade certificate and licences. Your employee or subcontractor can then complete the required Online Safety Inductions on the Home Page.

All employees and subcontractor employees must be inducted before starting work on our sites.

To start, click Register Now.

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