If you’re an individual (employees or subcontracted employees) that will perform work on an Otis site, you must register and complete induction training modules before starting work. 

In your induction, you’ll be given information to read and be asked corresponding questions. Please read through the content carefully before completing the exam.

At the end of your induction training, your plastic Subcontractor Safety Card will be sent to your company representative. You must produce your card at Otis work sites before starting any work.

If you leave your current employer to work for a different company that services Otis, please tell your new employer to contact Pegasus and arrange for your details to be updated.

To start the Otis Online Safety Induction training, please contact your employer.

They’ll book you into the relevant induction modules and you’ll be sent an email with a link to complete the induction. The induction modules will need to be completed before you can work on an Otis site.

Safety Induction Modules are also available for download on the Documents & Information page.

Employers, please click Register Now to set up your employees for the induction.