Step 1 > Register your business details

The Otis Contractor Management System can be found by clicking Register/Login at the top of the page >>

Select Register and:

> Search for your business’s name to request a new login, or choose to add your business and search by your ABN.

> Complete your registration request by filling in your business details (name, address, ABN/NZBN, and contact details).

> Submit these details and, on approval, you’ll be emailed your new user name and password to login.

Step 2 > Complete your business profile

Using your new details, login to the Otis Contractor Management System (click Register/Login at the top of the page).

Follow the process to register, which includes answering pre-qualification questions about the work you do to categorise your business. As part of this step, you’ll indicate which licences and insurances you can supply to support your registration, including documents like:

  • Workers Compensation and Public Liability
  • Company Trade Licences
  • Safety Management System documentation or AS4801 details

Step 3 > Pay for registration based on category

You’ll be given a predetermined risk category of either A, B, or C depending on the type of work you perform on Otis sites.

Category A

Performing high risk activities unsupervised = $600 + GST valid for two years

Category B

Performing medium risk activities supervised = $400 + GST valid for two years

Category C

Performing low risk activities non-field work = $200 + GST valid for two years

These costs are for the initial and ongoing administration and verification of your documents and information. For this cost, you’ll be sent reminders to update your documents as they expire, and can login at any time to register new workers or update your information. You also have access to local call centre and email support.

Step 4 > Upload insurances and licences

You’ll next be prompted to upload copies of the licences and insurances you selected in Step 2 for verification.

On successful verification (which takes 1 – 2 business days), you will be emailed that your business registration is complete, or if there is anything else you need to supply to achieve compliance.

Step 5  > Notify site contact of your compliance

When your company registration is complete, you must send a copy or screenshot of your approval email to your Otis site contact so they may register your company in the Otis procurement system if required.

To complete your registration, you will next register your employees, purchase their site access cards, and book their inductions.

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