register your company

and workers

The Registration Process

The Otis Contractor Management process is completed in two parts: 1. business registration and 2. worker registration.

Read through the steps below before you get started and allow yourself time to source and upload the information needed to register. A nominated administrator from your business will be required to complete the process below.

User guides – both video and document – can be found from the Help and Resources page.

You will only be pre-qualified to work for Otis when you have completed both business and worker registration.

New to Pegasus and Contractor Management with Otis?

Follow the instructions below to register:

Stage 1: Business Registration

Step 1 > Register a user name and password

The Otis Contractor Management System to register your business can be found by selecting the button below.

Start by entering a user name of your choosing, plus your email address and a password. You’ll be emailed confirmation.

Step 2 > Register business details and answer profile questions

Using your new details, login to the Otis Contractor Management System.

Follow the process to register your business by answering profile questions and selecting the insurances and licences you can supply to support your registration. Documents may include but are not limited to:

    • Workers Compensation and Public Liability
    • Company Trade Licences
    • Safety Management System documentation or AS4801 details

Step 3 > Pay for registration

You will now be categorised and pay using the information you have provided. The costs outlined below are determined by the complexity and verification needed for your registration.

    • Category A

      Performing high risk activities unsupervised = $600 + GST valid for two years

    • Category B

      Performing medium risk activities supervised = $400 + GST valid for two years

    • Category C

      Performing low risk activities non-field work = $200 + GST valid for two years

Step 4 > Upload insurances and licences

You will be prompted to upload copies of the licences and insurances you selected in step 2 for verification. On successful verification (1 – 2 business days), you will be emailed that your business registration is complete, or if there is anything else you need to supply to achieve compliance.

Step 5 > Notify site contact of your business compliance

When your business registration is complete, you must send a copy or screenshot of the approval email to your Otis site contact so they may register you in the Otis procurement system if required.

To complete your registration, you will next register your workers, purchase their site access cards, and book their inductions.

Please click to expand the instructions below.

Stage 2: Worker Registration & Induction Bookings

Step 1 > Login to manage workers

On successful business registration, you will be invited to login to the system to manage your workers. Please click the link and login to this system using the details in the email sent by Pegasus.

Step 2 > Add workers

Once logged in, select Manage Roles and Add New Employee. From here, enter and save each worker’s contact details, address, phone and email.

Step 3 > Choose roles and upload documents

Select roles for your workers based on the job they’ve been recruited for at Otis.

Your role selections determine the competency documents you’ll upload to prove your worker’s qualifications to perform the chosen role, including trade certificates and licences. You will also upload a photo for their Otis EHS Accredited Contractor Safety Card.

Step 4 > Book training

Next, you will book the worker’s online inductions. They’ll be emailed a link and login details to complete the training depending on their role. For information about online induction modules, visit the Help and Resources page.

Step 5 > Pay for registration and training

Pay for the worker registration and training via credit card. Registration costs $25 + GST per person every two years.

Pegasus will validate the information you’ve supplied during worker registration. Upon approval and the completion of training, roles will be applied to your worker’s profile and their Otis EHS Accredited Contractor Safety Card issued.

It’s important that you keep your company and worker’s details up to date. You’ll be emailed if any documents are expiring so you can update them in the system.

Already have a Pegasus account in the Otis Contractor Management System?

Follow the instructions below to manage your compliance:

You can access the system from Pegasus Gateway.

Simply use your Pegasus details to login. You will see the Otis tile to select and access the system, where your company and worker information will be available – select Manage Companies or Manage Employees.

Now, when you need to access the Otis Contractor Management System to manage your compliance, you only need to login to Pegasus Gateway and click the Otis tile.

We suggest you save Pegasus Gateway to your bookmarks for easy access >

Click for resources to help you set up a Gateway account.

(If you don’t see the Otis tile on your Pegasus Gateway dashboard, click ADD, select the Otis tile and login to add it to your dashboard.)