Online Safety Induction Training Modules

All workers must complete Online Safety Induction training modules relevant to their work for Otis. The worker will be automatically enrolled in the mandatory training modules depending on the role you choose for them.

Online inductions require the learner to read information modules about Otis safety, and answer questions to confirm their understanding. Here is the latest list of Otis training and the time it takes to complete each module:

Name of training moduleAverage time to complete (mins)
EST-000 Cardinal Rules 12
EST-001 Personal Protective Equipment 11
EST-002 TOC & Pit Access Egress 11
EST-003 Control of Electrical Energy 7
EST-004 Access to Motor Rooms 6
EST-006 Manual Handling 16
EST-007 Scaffolding 20
EST-008 Hoisting and Rigging 10
EST-009 Working with Ladders 6
EST-010 Hazardous Mechanical Energy 8
EST-011 Safety Signs 13
EST-012 Confined Spaces Awareness 6
EST-013 Asbestos Awareness 9
EST-014 Temporary Bridging Wires 7
EST-015 Environmental Awareness 9
EST-016 Fall Protection 7
EST-017 Powered Industrial Vehicles 7
EST-018 Re-roping accreditation 10
EST-019 Office Ergonomics 8
EST-020 Motor Vehicle Safety 5
EST-021 False cars and running platforms 5
EST-022 Working on Escalators and Travelators 12
EST - 023 Access to lower floor door lock method 1 and 230
EST - 023a Access to lower floor door lock method 3 1212